Paranormal activities have always been a core of attraction for the people, whether they believe it or not. One center of magnetism for adventure lovers to experience such mystic activities is Haunted House. A haunted house is a place, house or even a building that is oftenly alleged to be occupied and colonized by incorporeal ghosts and spirits. These spirits are supposed to be either of the departed humans who used to once live at those buildings or even some bad evil spirits who had occupied a place in such deceased buildings in past due to any reason. Misconstrue noises and screams, hallucination, feeling of some unwanted presence; some unexpected visions and feelings of being close to invisible, some toxic and folly smell in surroundings are some of the experiences of people in this haunted house.

The extreme experience incorporates some bad, horrific and shocking incidences taking place in such haunted house that left people without any answers about how that happened? What happened to the victim? And who did it? One such frightful and dreadful incidence in the history is related to the ‘Hotel 33’. This haunted building used to be a hotel in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. This mystic was first named and now it is widely known as 33 due to just one reason – mysteriously mislaid of 33 people, from this eerie, who neither got found, nor their bodies or any other single information regarding their lost. This tragic incidence left the world with shock and morn and with a mystery to be unfolded ever. The 33 is known for two incidences that left the world speechless.

‘Hotel 33’ Incidence of May 10th, 1953 – , known as Grand Hotel earlier was a majestic new opened l in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the United States of America and was opened exquisitely in the year 1953. The opening was organized on the might day, May 10th, 1953. A total of 32 people were present on the magnificent opening of this grand hotel. It includes hotel staff and some special guests. On the same night the dreadful mystery occurred and the next morning police got an unknown call from a stranger and were informed that all the 32 people had disappeared from this luxurious just in an instance. It was hard to believe first but even after years of search, police was unable to find any clue of those 32 people. Even the dead bodied did not get traced by the police.

‘Hotel 33’ Incidence of April 10th, 1993 – Even after 40 years the police did not get a clue of those 32 people and this same year the was reopened as a tourist attraction in view of it as a Haunted House. On April 10th, 1993 three young boys went to this hotel trying testing their courage. But one boy also got disappeared in same manner as what happened 40 years ago. Two days later the detective interrogating this case died mysteriously.